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Industrial REIT

50 assets covering approx. 1.5M sqm of roofing

50 assets covering approx. 1.5M sqm of roofing

Asseti provides ongoing asset condition reporting and modelling for Logos Property across the Australian asset network. This involves the frequent capture and processing of data on industrial roofing assets as well as hardstand and environmental areas. The reporting is unified through Asseti’s easy to use platform enabling Logos and Colliers, their facilities management partner, to better review and enact decisions across the asset network.

Asseti delivers a unified online solution for Client sites including the processing and storage of thousands of images from each visit.

The derived insights enable Client to see a complete view of their assets at a given point in time, while also viewing historical datasets and insights.

The repair estimates feature enables Client to action issues faster and ensure repairs are delivered in a timely manner. As a real estate investor, Client’s asset network is its core business. Through the use of Asseti, Client delivers a better experience for tenants and stronger focus on proactive asset management.

"Asseti provides a complete view of our assets on a national scale. Asseti has enabled our business and our facility managers, Colliers, to make decisions more quickly and with better intelligence. Asseti offers significant advantages across our extensive asset network.”

On Request, Head of Asset Management (Australia)

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Telecommunications asset network: towers

Asseti has onboarded a telecommunications network with 1,800 towers. A significant proportion of the towers are in remote, wet and heavily vegetated environments. The telecommunication network is in a region prone to cyclones and heavy weather incidents. The network is critical. Network failure could impact up to 230,000 citizens, who would be left without telephone communication capability.

Partner: serving clients via Asseti

After migrating to Asseti, MA reports client experience improvements, shift to a greater proportion of recurring client contracts, and an overall ‘stickier’ client relationship due to using Asseti.

Global renewables project + digital transformation

Partner MA delivered an extensive solar power plant project using Asseti

Economic impact: property asset network

Client achieves cost reductions, reduced administration, and client loyalty improvements virtually immediately with Asseti

GHD Advisory

GHD Advisory lifts issue rectification velocity 12x while decreasing costs


The Mirvac Group (ASX:MGR, AUD$8.2bn market capitalisation as at January 2024) has adopted Asseti’s world-class technology platform to manage their industrial asset portfolio.


Ventia, one of the largest essential services providers in Australia and New Zealand, has selected Asseti as its enterprise-wide partner for reality digital twins and spatial data.