Intelligent Asset Monitoring

Power up your asset condition workflow with Asseti

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With Asseti your asset management could look like this:

Frequently updated data on the condition of your asset
Easily accessible, user friendly web-based platform
Automated reporting
CapEx forecasting and scenario testing
Access to the latest in asset management methodologies
customized dashboard

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With Asseti, we can better operate our portfolio, assessing and managing major structural items across dozens of sites. Asseti’s intelligent and automated asset data drives efficient decisions around how we conduct maintenance.
"With Asseti’s proprietary data model, we see Asseti as being core to further our digitised service offering.”
“Initially FMs were hesitant to adopt the new technology. They are now reliant on the system day-to-day and cannot live without Asseti.”
"Our client has expedited critical issue reporting by 12 times with the support of Asseti, while simultaneously reducing cost by 80%"
"Asseti has enabled our business and our facility managers to make decisions quickly and with better intelligences."
Still have questions?

At Asseti, we believe that preemptive asset condition insights can help maintain your assets better. That's why we created Asseti — an AI-powered asset condition monitoring platform to simplify your facility management workflows. Here are some of our frequently asked questions — if you can't find the answer you're looking for contact us.

How does Asseti streamline the asset inspection process?

Asseti works with licensed drone operators to capture high-resolution aerial imagery of industrial assets, eliminating the need for time-consuming on-site inspections. The data captured are automatically turned into a detailed asset conditions report, which will also generate asset registry of your asset. This streamlined approach saves time and resources for asset and facility managers, helping them stay on top of their asset portfolio conditions without climbing roofs.

Can Asseti handle large portfolios of assets?

Yes, Asseti is designed to handle portfolios of any size, whether you have a single site or tens of thousands of asset features. Our platform offers flexibility in recapturing digital models annually or as frequently as needed to accommodate large-scale portfolios, helping you reduce unnecessary onsite visit and making each visit count.

How does Asseti ensure data accuracy and reliability?

Asseti uses advanced AI and machine learning techniques to process and generate detailed component schedules and condition assessments in hours, not days. Our system undergoes rigorous testing to ensure accuracy and reliability in all our data outputs so you can count on the quality of insights. Each report also goes through QA with our in-house specialists before they are published.

Is Asseti compatible with existing asset management systems?

Yes, Asseti offers seamless integration with leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) platforms, allowing for easy data exchange and enhanced functionality. Data can also be accessed via API to plug straight into your system.

How does Asseti prioritize maintenance tasks?

Asseti provides tools for prioritising maintenance tasks based on the severity of issues detected during the condition report generation process. The platform allows users to manually track and prioritise repairs efficiently, ensuring critical issues are addressed promptly.

How often can I access the data and reports generated by Asseti?

Users can access data and asset condition reports anytime via the Asseti web app. Reports and dashboards can be customised and exported as needed, providing users with valuable insights into their asset portfolio whenever they need them. It can also be shared with external contractors, enabling everybody to get on the same page quickly.

What is the pricing of Asseti?

Asseti follows a simple and transparent pricing model based on the square meterage of assets captured and processed, including frequency of updates. Our pricing is designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing clients to pay for the services they need without any hidden fees or surprises.