A powerful, big data platform optimised for asset management.

The volume of data captured in asset management demands a huge amount of processing power to organise and derive insights. Asseti’s processing centre is AI/ML equipped to enable intelligent processing and conversion of raw data into structured and layered information with recommendations - it is in this step that your data is transformed into a strategic advantage.

Asseti’s processing power is entirely scalable – we challenge clients to throw all the data they have at us!

Intelligence Framework

The Asseti intelligence framework transforms unstructured data into predictive insight and action recommendations, using the power of big data processing that makes your historic data valuable.


Data is collected continually and ingested into the platform. Asseti aims to consume any data that is localised to enable for robust extraction of value from this data.

Asseti utilises a proprietary five-step intelligence model to create a genome-like record for every asset under management. This genomic-style record becomes more robust over time, enabling for small changes in underlying assets to be detected, monitored and managed before they become business-critical risks.

Asseti intelligence framework
Asseti intelligence framework
Asseti intelligence framework
Asseti intelligence framework
Asseti intelligence framework

Human Lead & Machine Driven

Analysis of 1,500 organisations found that productivity gains are most pronounced where machine learning or AI/ML capabilities were utilised alongside human specialists. 

Asseti enables this best practice, utilising a combination of human specialists and machine learning. Through such collaborative intelligence, humans and AI/ML actively enhance each other’s complementary strengths. The fusion combines the leadership, teamwork, creativity and social skills of people, with the speed, scalability, indefatigability and overall quantitative capabilities of AI/ML automation. 

Human lead

Machine learning is reliant on humans to be effective, requiring training, outcome vetting and ongoing iteration.

  • Training: AI/ML algorithms must be taught how to perform the work they’re designed to do, with Asseti leveraging massive current and historic datasets to inform decisions
  • Explaining: AI/ML Algorithms require human specialists to confirm and guide results throughout training
  • Sustaining: Continual assurance of the AI/ML with iteration to support changing conditional outcomes

Human brains remain the most complex supercomputers available, and Asseti frees specialists to focus on high-value decision making.

Machine driven
Asseti Processing - Human lead
Machine driven

Gain Insights

Asseti utilises a vast - and rapidly growing - bank of data. Processing that data with multi-layered conditional intelligence, Asseti boosts the strength of direct asset condition data with aggregate reports and outcomes. Asseti’s processing centre connects tens of thousands of facts associated with disparate historical, environmental, materials-based and other records to resolve authentically valuable recommendations. 

This is illustrated in the following use cases. 

Facilities management

A leading facilities management (FM) company services millions of assets across a range of contracts. These assets range from telecommunication towers networks to secure government facilities, social housing and everything in-between. In some instances, the FM is contractually responsible for asset risk - which is particularly critical given only a small percentage of assets have a routine inspection plan in place. Where asset outage or significant incidents occur with the risk carried assets, the asset owner is issued a contracted abatement. Several fixed-price management contracts were bid without full intelligence on asset network condition, exposing the FM to significant risk to profitability. Asseti empowered the FM to easily collect and process data to better understand their asset networks, prioritise maintenance and repair operations and limit abatements. Asseti enabled the FM to know what to fix and when, and which assets were optimally left for more extended periods.

The scale of asset networks is a significant challenge to FMs. Asseti empowers organisations to understand their asset networks at a macro and micro scale so that assets can be pushed to the maximum threshold and ensure budgets are retained.

Industrial REIT, real estate investment trust
Enterprise accounting firm
International energy operator
Secure government facility
Facility management with Asseti
Industrial facility management
Warehousing and logistical facility management
Solar panels at solar farm
Secure facility management

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