Asseti transforms data into pure competitive advantage.

Imagine having perfect recall of every part of an asset’s history – its design, construction, use, repair, everything. Further image you’ve perfect recall of all the other assets like yours – how they were affected by time, weather, use and everything else. That would make an unstoppable asset optimisation wizard! Although data is often available, it's routinely hard to access in a helpful combination and visual manner. Asseti unleashes the power of your data, by combining and revealing insights at the macro or micro level you require within a couple of clicks. Asseti presents meaningful asset intelligence in an easy to access and use way. 

Asseti makes your data an asset in its own right.

Collect Data, Gain Insights, Enact Decisions

Asseti’s digital asset management platform specialises in collecting extraordinarily large data sets and making them useful to you and your team. We’re talking about trillions of raw data points that we can store and derive insights from.

Collect Data

Asseti is able to consume an unlimited amount of data across most timestamped data file types, with an intuitive upload functionality. The platform reads GIS attributes from uploaded files to stitch, position and temporally locate collected data for easy and AI/ML assisted review.  

Gain Insights
Enact Decisions
Data collection occurs in myriad ways and Asseti consumes it all
Asseti assists human operators and asset managers to make better decisions
Maintenance and repair operations MRO are optimised using Asseti

Asset Network Digital Twin

Asseti delivers an asset network digital twin quickly and economically. Asseti changes the way that digital twins have been approached, using geospatial engineering drawings and/or photogrammetry to efficiently build a model, without requiring teams of engineers to take millions of low-tolerance measurements. We connect sensors and arrange routine geospatial updates, which provides our clients with a practical, economical, and agile digital twin from which to draw insights. 

Agile digital twin construction

Digital twins can provide immense value, however they are extremely costly to create and prohibitively resource-intensive to maintain. Until Asseti.

Asseti creates a 3D model from geospatial data, and builds sensor feeds. With updated geospatial imagery and continuous sensor feeds, Asseti delivers an agile digital twin with multilayered data that is extremely intuitive. Capturing and processing change in the physical environment and sensor feeds over time, Asseti provides actionable insights that improve decision making.

Timely insights for better management
Target the critical elements
Asset network management through agile digital twin technology
Telecommunication network digital twin model in Asseti
Accurate built environment model

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the holistic process of defining, structuring, retaining and sharing the knowledge and experience of employees within an organisation. The primary goal of knowledge management is to assist all team members – present and future – to internalise any lessons learned within the company structure and thereby improve the organisation's efficiency and effectiveness. Asseti's intuitive simplicity makes the platform an easy centre for organisational learning and knowledge management. 

Asseti is optimised to easily capture and disseminate experience and knowledge across an organisation and amplify those learnings into enduring future benefit. 

Asseti assists knowledge management across teams
Asseti assists knowledge management across teams

Intuitive Design

Acknowledging that there is no widely agreed definition of ‘intuitive design,’ it is geneally accepted to describe products that are easy to use the first time. When users are able to understand and use a design immediately, without consciously thinking about how to do it, it is considered ‘intuitive.’ Intuition is contextual, however, and ‘intuitive design’ realistically means that the design should be effectively used by the group of people you expect to use your product.

Asseti is a product built for asset managers, by a team with decades of collective experience in the field. Asseti is optimised for asset network management and optimisation requirements, from the boardroom to the works board.  

Central map user interface

Asseti's user interface is built around a centralised map view, automatically opening at a level suitable to capture all of the user's authorised network. Sites, assets, and flags for site-specific issues are listed in the left panel and aggregate issues, estimates and activity to the right. This ensures notifications, detail and analytics are never more than a click away. 

Organisations can configure regional management zones at all levels.

Contextual zoom
Data upload
Accurate spatial data stitching
Asseti has intuitive design at all levels of view
Asseti has intuitive design at all levels of view
Asseti has intuitive design at all levels of view
Asseti has intuitive design at all levels of view

Scalable & Secure

Asseti has been architected in accordance with security best practice, specifically focused on scalability and security. Multilayered security is achieved with a containerised system design.

Asseti is built in GO for streamlined efficiency. GO is lightweight and designed with concurrency, scalability and a smooth digital experience in mind. Asseti uses Docker containers, so it can be packaged and run on any Linux server. This delivers flexibility and portability, with Asseti able to run in multiple locations, on-premise, and in public or private clouds or multiclouds. Asseti is highly secure and offers multiple security layers for organisations with high-level security concerns, including isolated and own-infrastructure platform instances.

Scalable compute & decoupled architecture

Asseti’s containerised architecture enables seamless scale of compute power. Containerisation further enables extreme flexibility in selecting the optimal technology layer for each step of the data processing pipeline; whether the task at hand requires statistical analysis or deep machine learning, the decoupled architecture of the platform allows for any number of specialised technologies to coexist and work together without performance impacts or the cost impacts of universal scaling a platform.

Built to Standard
Enduring audit records
Asseti is architected for security and auditability
Asseti is architected for security and auditability
Asseti is architected for security and auditability

Repair Estimates

Repair estimates have utility of different types at different levels and Asseti's intelligent processing enables smart and easy understanding of what a particular repair is likely to cost and the cost to repair defects site-wide within a works programme. At a board level, the current maintenance and repair operations status of an asset and asset network materially assists valuation and strategic planning. Asseti’s insight can further be utilised in understanding the cost over time of not conducting different classifications of repair.

Asseti carries a wealth of historical datapoints that can be used by and on behalf of clients, to understand and optimise asset performance.  

Tactical and strategic maintenance and repair operations MRO is optimised by Asseti
Tactical and strategic maintenance and repair operations MRO is optimised by Asseti
Tactical and strategic maintenance and repair operations MRO is optimised by Asseti

Flexible Deployment

The asset management world spans routine – albeit challenging – management of REITs and property networks, to critical infrastructure networks such as power lines and town water, and highly sensitive secure installations.

Asseti offers a flexible solution suitable for a wide range of asset network types and security levels.

Asseti offers flexible deployment
Asseti offers flexible deployment
Asseti offers flexible deployment

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