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April Update: Worker Safety and Budget breakdown


Asseti’s April the Month Ahead Update: Safety and a Budget breakdown

In this month's April update from our Marketing Team, we are running through what we are looking forward to this April.

World Safety Day – are you celebrating?  

This month isn't just about April Fools Day it is also World Safety Day!

Not sure what this is all about - let us help you with that!

Since 1996, April 28th has been referred to as the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers. This commemorative event is celebrated by trade unions both locally and internationally.

Why April 28th you ask?

April 28th was chosen due to its historical significance to worker safety in the USA. On April 28th in 1970, Occupational Health and Safety laws were passed in the United States.

World Safety Day: The origin story

World Occupational Health and Safety Day is a combination of two different organisations' educational campaigns around workplace health and safety.

In 2003, international trade unions approached the International Labour Organisation (ILO's) about combining initiatives. Both institutions focus their efforts on worker welfare meaning it made sense to combine initiatives. This partnership lead to World Occupational Health and Safety Day as it is now known.

The goal of the re-branded partnership was to honour dead and injured workers and to appreciate that these injuries and fatalities can be prevented and reduced, recognizing it as both a day for commemoration and celebration".

Why we celebrate World Safety Day

At Asseti, we are passionate about safety. Like you and your business, we understand the inherent risks of the commercial property industry.  

According to Safe Work Australia, there were 22 deaths caused by workers falling from heights in 2021. This means that there are 22 families whose loved ones didn’t return home from work. This is a scenario, that most of us don’t have to contemplate but unfortunately it is the reality of what we do.  

We don't see workplace accidents as statistics, but rather as people. This is one of the many reasons why we are so passionate about what our platform can do.  Worker safety is a core component of any organisation's Environmental, Social and Government goals. Our platform assists you to track these ESG goals by providing you with data about the condition of your asset in real-time.

Untitled design

Asseti provides you with the tools to help mitigate the risk from a height safety point of view. This is why we celebrate World Safety Day and the harm that is reduced by a workplace that's focused on workers' safety.  

For too long, Workplace Health and Safety have been seen as a detraction, not as a value add to businesses. Prioritising worker safety is a necessary part of OH&S compliance but also should be seen as a critical part of your employee's health and well-being.

And also, we really like cake.  🍰

The new budget!  

As things start to heat up with the upcoming election, we followed with bated breath the budget announcements.

Technology companies like ours, are the future of Australia's new service economy. You only need to look at the likes of Atlassian, Canva and Safety Culture to see the global impact that Australian startups can have.

As a digital start-up, we are very excited about the tax concessions to help small businesses digitise their assets.

And the best thing is about this tax concession, you absolutely could spend that tax concession on digital subscription start-ups like Asseti. In the words of Mr Josh Frydenberg:

“From tonight, every hundred dollars these small businesses spend on digital technologies like cloud computing, eInvoicing, cybersecurity and web design will see them get a $120 tax deduction".

(Insert Link) https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/small-business-gets-1-billion-to-go-digital-20220323-p5a79p.html

As we are not gifted with telepathy, we can't promise what the results of the upcoming election will be. However, we can say we are excited for the future of the tech industry in Australia.

Need more information

If you have questions about how our platform can help you, feel free to book a discovery call with one of our team members.

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