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Announcing our A$2.5m (US$1.65m) Seed round


We are proud to share our recent A$2.5m (US$1.65m) Seed round, led by Tidal Ventures, as we continue to transform real asset management with our AI-driven Intelligent Asset Management platform.

Tidal brings a wealth of experience in scaling product-led, B2B technology companies, with 40+ investments including proven success in Shippit, FrankieOne, and Sonder. Tidal is an exciting partner for our next growth phase as we to expand our offering to benefit new and existing customers including Mirvac, Colliers, CBH and Holcim.

Product & US Expansion

Our expansion into the US market through our new base in Dallas TX follows significant year-on-year growth in Australia and marks an important next step in helping customers to manage the vast and aging real estate landscape of the United States.  

Core to the success of Asseti is our passionate and growing team of 30+ people, spread across four continents, who are pivotal in supporting our customers and spear-heading our next phase of growth. 

Our roadmap includes strategic expansion of the product with:
  1. Continued investment in AI and further automation for insights at scale;
  2. Turn-key integrations to enable increased productivity for customers; and
  3. Further advanced prediction capabilities to cover more of the jobs-to-be-done of our customers.

Our continued investment in product and team drives value for customers and also cements our position as the market leaders in the emerging category of Intelligent Asset Management.

Focus on Scale

We’ve continued to grow our team, including several recent key hires, in addition to our new on-the-ground staff in the United States. Our people are our greatest assets, and these hires join our existing key roles in Aonghus Stevens (CEO), Alex Doyle (Head of Sales) and Jason Baldwin (CTO).  

  • Nima Idel – Head of Product
    Seasoned product leader with a proven record building high-growth digital products across national and international markets. Experienced managing teams across the entire product lifecycle including at Archistar (Chief Product Officer), Qantas, Telstra, Vodafone, BP, IAG + more.
  • Courtney Cusack – Head of Growth Marketing
    Strategic marketing leader with a track record of growth-focussed transformation in B2B technology companies. Experience includes FUJIFILM (Head of Growth Marketing), Weploy (Head of Demand Generation), Sage Software, HardyGroup + more.  

We're grateful for the support of all who join us on the journey, including employees (and their families) who make Asseti the company it is, customers who trust our vision, investors who believe in us, and Tidal for partnering with us through our next growth stage.

We're excited to expand on our vision and to continue to develop our AI-powered intelligent asset management platform, delivering actionable insights for customers and improvements to the bottom line of their portfolios.

Interested to see Asseti’s AI-powered platform in action? Request a demo.

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