One week of Asseti

by Aonghus Stevens

The past week has been frenetic, onboarding our targeted Workspace number and users. It has been a mammoth effort from the whole team.

There are two highlights that I would like to share, which together reflect the combined challenge of bringing a new technology to life.

Highlight 1: Customer experience

We have onboarded subscribers from 4 continents. This incorporates multiple challenges around marketing reach, Asseti Workspace automation, and 24/7 support. We’re deeply committed to delivering excellent customer experience at all brand touchpoints, and have executed our onboarding plans to accommodate preferences associated with time zones. So I’m proud we delivered a positive and consistent experience to people in the UK, USA, Africa and APAC.

A focus in the next weeks is optimising client onboarding based on insights from all our new subscribers!

Highlight 2: Technology and scalability

We consumed and processed a mind-bogglingly large volume of data in the past week, significantly more than anticipated. Asseti is built to take in vast quantities of GIS data, and we’d tested the platform for months – however activity in the wild can be unpredictable. Seeing the platform scale and our technology performance dashboards stay in the green was awesome!

We’re confident in the platform’s foundational architecture and challenge subscribers to throw all the data they can at us. Asseti can take it!


Best wishes,