5 Alarming needs of Millennials that spell doom for the old guard!

by Asseti

Did the title of this article pique your interest enough for you to click through to it? It's extreme, and it doesn't really make sense, but it probably got your attention. It's all part of the recent media phenomena of 'clickbait', where the more sensational angles of the story are stressed in headline link. Something like "18 Amazing uses of…", or "Shocking things you didn't know about…." It is generally targeted at younger, more tech-savvy internet users like millennials.

What is a millennial?

Millennials make up a very large proportion of the USA, Australia, and UK working populations and their numbers are increasing. Although there is some debate on the definition, millennials are those of us who were born from 1975 or 1980. Some of them aren't even that young anymore! What they do share is an innate understanding of modern communications technology and its possible applications and uses. They are also your future customers, and potential facility managers. They are starting to move into important roles. What makes them tick? How are they different? How do you prepare? How do their values and needs align with you potentially signing up with Asseti? Here are 5 millennial characteristics, and tips, that may give you some insight.

1. Constantly connected is the new normal

To millennials, leaving the house without their phone is almost a bigger deal than leaving the house without their pants. In fact, not feeling that familiar weight of the phone in their pocket is probably a better indicator they haven't put their pants on than anything else. Forgetting to pocket that little piece of technology venturing out into the world is probably a bigger cause for anxiety than any clothing malfunction could ever be. Even, temporarily, being out of signal range is a cause for concern. Being connected, and available, always, is of the utmost importance. This, in itself, is a major change from earlier generations because it has led millennials to have a far more liberal view of when, and where, the appropriate forum for work is. The Boss sends out an email at 9pm urgently requesting something be done immediately? Not a problem. They can reliably assume that not only will that email be read immediately, but it will also be promptly acted on.

Pro Tip:

The next-gen facility manager is not afraid of off- hours work emails. As you you know they will immediately read it, all you need to do is frame it in the correct way to also get prompt action. The best framing, of course is to encourage the "one-click response" option – a "Yes", a "No", or even better, the link that enables one-click approval. Therefore they like working with, and are comfortable, and happy, using, tech platforms like Asseti.

2. They don't like talking on the phone

Ironically, the least used function of a modern smart phone is their actual use as a phone. That's far too messy and inconvenient. Millennials prefer to use txt or email than spend any time actually talking. Message Bank? Forget it! That voice message won't ever get listened to. They'll just txt you straight back and ask, "what's up?" or even a brief "?". It's all unnecessary noise to your average millennial.

Pro Tip:

Don't expect to be routinely communicating via phone calls. Use txt, email, and other forms of electronic communication such as service links. That's why collaborative tech platforms like Asseti are ideal.

3. They seek out efficiency

In a world dominated by social media and its associated instant communication, millennials can be an impatient bunch. They are used to the immediate gratification supplied by a 'Like' button for retweets, comments and memes. Constant access to the internet and its associated forms of communication has led to a need for instant gratification in all other areas of their lives. With this being what they grew up with is it any wonder that any form of waiting has become an intense drag? It has also led to an associated appreciation for efficiency which is a positive benefit.

Pro Tip:

All information must be immediately accessible. For your millennial facility manager, that includes services you provide, service summaries, quotes, and reports. Any delay in accessing information is unacceptable. If efficiency is doing something and completing it once, it is ideal to have tech platforms like Asseti that can be accessed when you're ready to do so - especially with the blurring of work and personal life. 

4. Self-serve beats customer service.

Did you ever notice how quickly self-service checkouts became more popular than staffed checkouts at your local supermarket? It's the same deal with millennials. That's why Amazon and other ecommerce has become so popular. It's the same principal as number 2 on our list – "They don't like to talk on the phone". Any model that requires you to talk on the phone to a customer service operator is unpalatable. A model that doesn't involve the complication of having to deal with real people is far better. It has the bonus of the customer, or operator, having achieved the outcome themselves – an achievement! This is all very appealing to your average millennial.

Pro Tip:

Stick to online apps that allow customers to make purchases and retrieve whatever information they need for themselves. You can save yourself significant administrative costs at the same time by ditching the traditional phone center model. With an online payment platform, trade quotes, service Links, and a service portal, everyone wins. With everything online and on demand, and people preferring to take advantage of this, using Asseti makes complete sense.

5. They hate paper

For starters, it's environmentally unfriendly, and that's a huge negative to most millennials, but the biggest factor here is how inefficient paper processes are… and messy! Collaborative document platforms such as Google Drive, and OneDrive are far more efficient. Factor the increased popularity of hot-desking and massive acceleration of remote work, any option that requires printing or for physical items to be carried will be unpopular. Paper is so twentieth century!

Pro Tip:

Not only should it be seen as more efficient, but paperless processes can also be seen as a way to improve the quality of customer service. A company that relies on paper is increasingly seen as out of touch and old fashioned. Shifting away from office-based solutions to tech platforms, like Asseti, that can be accessed anywhere and anytime is consistent with this.

Innovation is not optional

"Why change something that isn't broken"… "We've always done things this way"… "We've become successful so far without changing".

In these times of rapid technological change, it makes sense to take advantage of those that have grown up adapting to it. It's second nature to millennials. If you don't utilize their capabilities to overhaul your old-school systems, and adopt new ones, then you may find your company steamrolled as your frustrated millennial facility manager loses patience, leaves, and becomes your future competition.

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