Asseti powers clients to remotely manage portfolios

by Asseti Insights

Sharpen Your Asset Portfolio with High-Quality Information

From dangerous heights and hazardous industrial environments to large-scale spaces and remote locations, large-scale datasets can gather the information you need for asset management without personnel risk. The Asseti analysis software enhances data acquisition programs to produce even more detailed asset information. The cost savings and convenience of data gathering can be incredible, but when it’s leveraged by Asseti’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, the advantages rise to C-suite level needs. Each department gets a unique perspective.

Online Asset Management Provides Asset Analysis and Forecasting

While a facility manager needs to know the current state of company assets and any repairs they need, top-level management wants to know how the assets fit into their valuations and projections. That’s where online EAM software excels: everyone gets the information they need, from operations to the corporate suite, and consulting engineering and analysis specialists use the same portal to manage the data.

How Current Information Drives Corporate Growth Using EAM

Enterprise systems are those which integrate financial and planning information for use throughout the company. Dilapidation information on a warehouse roof, for instance, may be useful to facilities, purchasing, finance, planning, real estate, and corporate management. They will consider repair costs, effects on property value, and vendor bidding arrangements. Periodic surveys keep the data fresh, and EAMs provide answers about assets in real-time through a portal-based interface.

EAM Provides Insight and Operational Guidance

Enterprise Asset Management can help with asset life-cycle management, providing planning information for purchasing and finance. It can guide the scheduling of preventive maintenance. Asseti can help your organisation centralise and manage warranties. In addition to portal-based access throughout the company, Asseti can provide mobile information access for onsite use or quick answers in meetings.

Keeping Capital Assets Active and Productive as well as Listed

Asseti combines telemetry, Internet-of-things (IoT) communication, inspections, and automated health and condition information sources to deliver a rich EAM experience. Integrated information about the location, identity, and operational status of each asset leads to work orders or decommissioning instead of idle assets. Asseti brings physical asset data online and helps your assets provide value.

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