Dashboards 2.0 - powerful & easy-to-configure

by Asseti Insights

We're pleased to launch our new and improved dashboards. Asseti's Dashboards 2.0 are powerful displays of time-series data that exists in your Workspace. The data sources for dashboards include issues, components, assets, sites, and many other entities.

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Through many months, our engineering team has been developing and refining the best experience for clients that delivered on three key points of consideration to enable users to:

  1. Visualize & summarise large datasets across any number of sites
  2. Manipulate data around any context point that exists in their Asseti workspace
  3. Serve data insights at enterprise-scale in real-time through a graphical interface

After much work and effort, Dashboards 2.0 has been launched to all workspaces!

What is a dashboard in Asseti?

An Asseti dashboard is a powerful analytical and visualization tool that utilizes many panels to display your data. We provide a range of visualization methods including bar, line, pie, gauge, and stats with more coming soon. In Asseti, our panels pull from data sources in the backend with flexibility in what data you pull and from when to show you what you need, when you need it. Our multiple layout and resize options further extend how you can see your data in a way that works for you.

Setting up dashboards

The following Asseti Help Centre articles will assist you in getting the most out of Dashboards 2.0