Dashboards for agile asset performance

by Aonghus Stevens

Dashboards for agile asset performance optimization in facility management

Our front and back end development teams are jointly focused on building out dashboard functionality. The dashboards are at the heart of Asseti’s asset performance optimization, enabling a snapshot view of aggregate network information that has traditionally required weeks – if not months – of administrative effort.

Requesting information from local facility or asset managers, compiling that detail into cohesive reports, drawing insights and tabling reports is mostly time-consuming administrative tedium. Asseti dashboards obviate the need for that effort and instead deliver immediate, real-time status reports. Which in turn enables the information to be used in real-time, for faster and better decision making.

Features - Image 3 - US Asseti dashboard, USA asset network

We have dashboard functionality operating and are building out greater functionality with the engagement of our asset management expert advisors (building the right thing = having experienced professionals advising). A case study we have from our development and beta period is an ideal way to provide and umbrella level picture of the power of the ‘dash!

A highly respected facility management organization engaged with us. They have millions of assets across their network, with Asseti trialed on a subset. These assets are primarily structures and include government facilities of various types.

Like many asset management organizations, this FM does, in some instances, carry contractual responsibility for asset risk – which was a risk itself, given far from a majority of assets had clear routine inspection plans in place. Within that risk carriage, the FM would be issued a contracted abatement when asset outage or significant incidents occurred. While this was not an ideal scenario we live in a less-than-ideal world and realistically FM organization routinely bid on contracts without full and transparent intelligence on network condition.

Asseti enabled the FM to collect and process data easily, better understand and report on their network, prioritize maintenance and repair operations and – importantly – to limit abatements. Asseti facilitated the FM organization, and FM operators on the ground in the many locations, to know what to fix and when. The FM organization itself was better able to know current status and to make data-driven decisions on which asset maintenance and repairs were optimally left for more extended periods.

This illustrates that it is the scale of asset network performance management and optimization that is the issue, rather than any single activity. Asseti empowers organizations to understand their asset networks at a macro and micro scale so that assets can be pushed to the maximum threshold and ensure budgets are retained. It is through the judicious use of Asseti dashboards, at every level of the network, that these insights became available and instantaneously actionable.

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