Closing in on Launch

by Aonghus Stevens

Today is one week from Asseti’s release and general availability. One week.

Those in agile development understand that the week – all 168 hours or 10,080 minutes or 604,800 seconds – will be breakneck speed.


I’m taking time out of the sprint to start documenting our journey publicly and open a dialogue. General availability will signal the start of Asseti adoption by users beyond the beta journey, and we will be available to every one of you.

Asseti journey

As we near the end of beta and rocket toward general availability I would like to provide product updates and public kudos to our valued testers and the highfliers making this possible.

Asseti product

Asseti has two unified high-level beacons – operational optimisation for enterprise asset networks owners and operators, achieved using the latest emerging data science capability. This has and will continue to inform our product roadmap and feature prioritisation.

This is to say, the features we bring at launch are those which are most valuable to asset performance optimisation, and our continuing development will always be aimed at delivering the functionality that enterprise asset network operators benefit from.

At general availability Asseti will take in geolocated imagery, and seamlessly process and stitch it. Sites, site assets and monitoring zone boundaries will be live and assisted by orthogonal satellite interpretation in the platform. Historical and new asset issues (such as defect notifications) will be available, depending on the client’s history with us. Contextual conversation will be available at multiple levels including a defect level. Asset managers will have the ability to get automatic defect repair estimates as well as invite maintenance contractors to view and quote repairs directly.

At an analytical level, Asseti will have pre-configured dashboards with self-configured dashboards available. Users will be able to oversight their asset network to review the network, with issues and estimates, at an aggregate level. They will be able to zoom to a region such as a state, city or whatever makes sense to view analytics for that group – and they will be able to zoom to individual asset level to get granular.

Next epic developments are EAM integration and additional third-party data feeds including detailed weather forecast and condition confirmation, and satellite feeds. These are docketed for March 2021. 

Asseti people

Asseti is as much the people as it is a SaaS B2B tech product. Asseti people have lived and breathed this project. The team is awesome and I am humbled by everyone’s dedication – core development, geospatial and operations, data science and sales.

They’re the best! Especially because they understand I express myself through gif.



Back to the sprint!

Thank you for being on this journey with us, or jumping aboard now. I'd love to hear from you with Asseti feedback, use cases we've not considered and photos of cats. But for now, I'm back to it. 


Thank you & stay in touch.