Asseti Paradigm benchmarking

by Asseti Insights

Asseti Paradigm is the foundational premise of Asseti, that data from many sources can build a genomic picture of an asset, and asset network's, DNA. Through that understanding, with the application of high levels of computing power and progressively nuanced records and benchmarking, asset network performance can be optimised.

Asseti enables hyper-localised and targeted degradation curve modelling at asset, site or network level. The Asseti Paradigm thereby facilitates an extraordinary depth of insight.

Asseti Paradigm is a benchmarking and comparison function that leverages the scale of Asseti’s historical record of facts. We use client data to draw conclusions about their asset networks - but we also match each of those assets to other similar assets for which we have historical records. Layering client data with data about what occurred with similar assets in similar environments adds confidence and depth to the insights we serve. 

Clients benefit from the addition of similar experiences to theirs, making recommendations and insights more robust. This is a similar but significantly advanced version of traditional asset degradation modelling. Traditional asset degradation modelling uses engineering curves designed for asset types, with some thought for environmental conditions.

Asseti effectively does the same thing from a vantage of far deeper understanding of the specific asset/s and with an exponentially larger number of considerations.

We are pumping terabytes of data into Asseti daily and will only increase that import velocity, as each byte adds to the central premise of Asseti Paradigm. It will take time for AI/ML training and for the Paradigm to reach its zenith, yet even in these early days it is thrilling to see the connections being made. 

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