What is an Asseti Workspace?

by Asseti Insights

Asseti Workspaces are branded and dedicated organizational entities in the platform, generally aligned to a billing entity. The workspace provides a dedicated digital location and map within Asseti for users associated with that organization to collaborate. 

Asseti Workspaces enable collaboration at every level, as efficiently as if users were co-located. 

Each Workspace is a dedicated subdomain of Asseti, for example;

Entity: Sample Company

Asseti Workspace: sample-company.asseti.co.

Asseti Workspaces
  • Are designed for collaboration
  • Enable differing levels of access to different parts of the Workspace
  • Allow users with appropriate permissions to invite new users to the Workspace
  • Permit users to belong to more than one Workspace

Organizations will typically have a single Workspace for global operations, with users segregating their area of responsibility by user security settings or by setting administrative regions. It is not recommended that companies maintain different Workspaces in different countries or regions, as that segregation limits the power of Asseti’s insights.

Watch this video to see how simple Asseti makes adding your team: 
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Use case example: global facility management organization

This FM has its headquarters in New York, and operations in multiple countries and regions globally. Each of those regions has local management and operators on the ground.

Top management in New York uses Asseti dashboards to instantaneously get a snapshot view of global asset status, outstanding maintenance and repair cost and type, and overall exposure to risk. This risk is represented at a aggregated network level.

Top management in New York also looks at the same information broken out into regions, to evaluate organizational health. This company has four core regions; North America, South America, EMEA, Asia. Asseti enables an easy and real-time evaluation of each region’s efficacy, as well as comparison between the regions.

Regional management in EMEA is locked to access to their region’s data only. The organization made this decision for data security and client privacy, which is a major priority. EMEA management uses their regional top line Asseti snapshot as a health check. They use the same functionality to review and compare EMEA subregions as top management in New York uses to compare core regions.

At a site level, the site facility manager uses Asseti to manage operations on the ground. The site manager has access to see other regional sites, but uses Asseti’s preconfigured dashboards to review the area of their direct responsibility. They easily review outstanding maintenance and repairs, estimates for those rectifications and the associated risk of specific site incidents – for example, the facility manager knows that a heavy storm is likely to cause significant roof damage to the main site building if minor repairs aren’t executed. The site facility manager uses Asseti to request repair estimates from local contractors, with the local contractor asked to directly input that estimate to Asseti. The contractor has access to see and edit only the field related to that repair estimate.


Asseti Workspaces are designed for entire organizations to organize around, to facilitate collaboration and network insights. The platform enables differentiated access by security protocol or through users specifying their level of focus.

Users can visit our Help Center to find out more about Asseti Workspaces, or log in to Asseti and invite a colleague to yours and investigate the collaborative possibilities!

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Please note: Asseti is growing! Expanded user security tiering will be deployed by March 2021.