Data Capture | Aerial imagery for 3D models

by Asseti Insights

Asseti is a powerful data platform that consumes geolocated data of all types. Under our agile CI/CD approach to product development, we’re progressively layering new data types for drawing increasingly complex insights and modelling.

A key dataset type is aerial imagery, which Asseti auto-processes to 3D models. These models are incredibly useful for operational asset managers looking for condition changes and repair issues, taking measurements (for example, to determine how much paint is required for a building) and planning future developments.

We’ve developed a best practice aerial capture guide to optimize the production of high-quality 3D models. A series of flight patterns are recommended for capture and import to Asseti. 

Recommended captures: 

Dataset 1: crosshatched oblique angle flight

Dataset 2: mapping flight with nadir orientation

Dataset 3: mapping flight at lower altitude

Dataset 4: orbital flight around focus areas

These datasets layer and process in Asseti to detailed models, including vertical structures.

The complete guide in Asseti Help Center includes flight path patterns, altitudes, relative distances, capture angle and other details for best-practice data capture. 



Our best-practice guide further detailed variations pilots may use,

  • Pressed for time? Lower overlaps.
  • Detailed structure? More overlap!
  • High structures? Vary delivery altitude.


We recommend professionals capturing aerial imagery for Asseti review our best practice guide in the Asseti Help Center. The guide will intermittently be updated as new best practices are revealed.

Link to the Asseti Help Center drone capture guide for 3D models.

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Laptop - colour - the FarmScreen capture from Asseti - this farm shed and water towers are partially obscured by trees. Following our best-practice guides for earlier data capture avoids poor 3D modelling outcomes. 


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