property REIT asset management and facility management


Inspecting property shouldn’t be a risky and costly exercise.
Bring your organisation into a more efficient and cost-effective future with Asseti’s asset management platform. We take large amounts of data from your building network inspections, automated capture and open sources, transforming it into valuable insights and prioritised action plans for your organisation.

Asseti is the ideal platform for…

Retail – Industrial – Healthcare – Aged Care – Education

Easily manage thousands of sites

Whether you manage 100 or 100,000 sites, Asseti is for you. Our platform is designed for asset management programs of any scale. We process data and deliver insights, with our easy to-use-platform designed so you can engage in the way that best suits you.

Determine accurately if your asset is changing

Asseti’s platform builds a model of what your asset looks like in ‘data sense,’ as a digital twin. What does that mean? Think of the data as your asset’s DNA, and Asseti as providing a genetic model built on that DNA. So Asseti offers you comparative analysis to the changing condition of your asset over time, to inform your planning and prioritisation. However, Asseti also has years of digital intelligence with thousands of similar digital twins – a wealth of experience – which is used to deliver predictive insight driven by machine learning.

Manage large networks in real-time

Asseti makes it easy for you to be proactive, avoiding delays between reporting and management. Our platform takes IoT & SCADA data to continuously monitor and trend assets. No one dataset provides all the information; Asseti consumes thousands of datasets on assets from a multiplicity of sources to create an evolving monitoring point/baseline to trend from. 

Enjoy powerful Dashboards

Roll-up large datasets into powerful summaries with our intuitive dashboards. View data across any scale, location and series and report through intuitive visualisation tools. Customise dashboards to suit your needs or use the Asseti pre-built dashboards for your own purposes. It’s your choice.