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Professional Services

Asseti is the reliable partner you need when it comes to projects where large volumes of data are involved. Through our platform your client receives high value data that is both dynamic and easy to visualise. The days of printed PDFs sitting in desk drawers are over.
Asseti is the reliable partner you need for complex projects, delivering you and your client a shared source of truth in decision making and auditing. Share high value, dynamic and easily visualised data to your client with enterprise grade security and robust defensibility.

Asseti is the ideal platform for…

Engineers – Auditors – Surveyors – spatial planners - infrastructure


Benefit from high auditability that leads to low risk

Every action in the platform is recorded in an audit log and stored forever. That includes comments from all stakeholders. Professional services such as yours have significant indemnity risk that comes with the advice offered. As such, Asseti provides a defensible and clear point-in-time reference about what is said or done by anyone using the platform.

Increase the payoff per job whilst lowering the cost to deliver

Professional service firms have significant cost bases. Asseti enables more revenue capture per unit of time using automated processing, enabling professionals to reach their conclusions faster.

Asseti enables professionals to reach conclusions faster and with greater confidence. Enhanced productivity through Asseti means more revenue capture per unit of time and overall more profitable projects.

Focus on the advice and not the data processing

Asseti is built for data ingestion, processing and serving at scale. We thrive on big datasets and provide many tools to enable the identification of actionable insights. This means that you can derive and provide recommendations more quickly (especially than using excel!) and focus on providing the professional advice you’re known for.